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Hosting a Facebook Live Event to Showcase Your Retail Products

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Facebook is one of the go-to social media options for many Canadian small businesses, and it isn’t hard to see why. Marketing through Facebook for your retail business connects you with your target audience. The social media platform offers a number of tools and ways to market your retail business, including the option to go live with video for real-time interactions with your customers. Small business Facebook Live streams are an ideal way to showcase your retail products, from exciting new arrivals to your trusty best sellers.

Planning Your Live Stream

Being natural on Facebook Live makes you seem approachable and likable to those watching, but you want to have a plan for the stream so it has a purpose. If you jump on with no plan, you may end up rambling, stumbling over your words, or forgetting the important points. Choose the products you want to show off during the stream, and decide what you want to say about them. Plan your location for your video. You need a spot with good lighting and a strong WiFi signal to make the stream as professional and reliable as possible.

Set up your camera before your start time. A tripod keeps the feed steady, so your viewers don’t feel seasick from shaky images. Positioning your phone near an outlet makes it possible to keep your device plugged in throughout the broadcast to prevent a dying battery mid-stream.

Generating Interest in the Live Stream

Boost attendance for your live Facebook event by talking it up in the days leading up to it. Announce the time you plan to go live, and tease some of the things viewers can see. If you’re offering any specials as part of the stream, hint to those benefits when you post about it. Ask your followers to share your posts about the stream to expand your audience beyond your fans. You can also use boosted Facebook posts to reach a broader audience.

Showcasing Your Products

When the camera starts rolling, put your best face forward. You want to come across as friendly and knowledgeable about your products. Keep your retail business branding in mind when deciding how to act on camera. Your persona during the live stream should match your store’s brand.

Show a close-up view of the products you highlight. Verbally share details about the product, including things like color, size, use, and price. If possible, show the product in use. For a cooking utensil, do a quick demonstration on camera to show how the product works. If you own a clothing store, have models or even your store employees model the pieces you highlight.

Generating Sales From the Facebook Live

The goal of going live on Facebook for your retail business is to generate sales on those items that you promote. Being enthusiastic and effectively showing why people should buy the products goes a long way toward racking up the sales. You can also encourage consumers to make a purchase with special promotions on the live stream. You might share a discount code that only works for a short period during and after the stream. Another option is holding a live contest with a giveaway of one of the products. Have people share the live stream for an entry or do another activity that helps promote your video.

Promoting your retail products through Facebook Live lets you show the items in action and helps consumers see the value in the items more than the would with a photo. With a little planning and promotion, you can reach your followers and beyond to get people excited about the products you have to offer.

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