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Small Business Social Media Success With Tumblr

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Social media outlets continue to play greater roles in the marketing strategies of small businesses around the world. While emphasis is typically placed largely on the social networking trifecta of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Tumblr is stepping up as a formidable contender. The success of your small business in today’s technology-reliant world is undeniably intertwined with efficient use of social media channels. Establishing a Tumblr for your company and learning how to leverage its use can expand your online reach and help you to connect with potential customers.

Understanding How Tumblr Works

Tumblr tends to be less popular because of its unconventionality – it isn’t simply a social network, but a multimedia microblogging platform as well, which makes it distinct from the other popular social media outlets.

After registering an account for your business at Tumblr, you then create a primary, personal blog. Setting up your blog gets you the ability to follow other Tumblr users and be followed in turn by them, and to create a secondary blog exclusively for your small business. When logged into your primary Tumblr account, you can switch between your blogs, posting to either your business blog, your personal blog, or both. You also have the opportunity to add members to your company blog, allowing other members of your team to collaborate on and edit posts.

Tumblr utilizes a dashboard interface much like Facebook’s. Upon logging in, recent posts by Tumblr users you’ve made a network connection with are readily visible.

What Content to Post

Tumblr has a great deal of versatility, which can make it an important social media outlet for your company. When you sign in to the dashboard of your account, you have an extensive array of options that let you to post to your Tumblr, communicate with employees or customers, and build up your brand by seeking out new connections or sharing content.

The text feature allows you to directly connect with one or several specific users. Using this feature comes in handy, for example, if you need to indicate guidelines for posting content for your team members or make assignments for creating new posts.

Another important feature Tumblr offers is photo sharing. In a highly visual world, pictures and images commonly carry greater impact than text alone. Make use of the possibilities this feature presents on a regular basis. For example, you can post photos of new or newly redesigned products – preferably with a catchy caption. You can also enhance your social connections and help to strengthen customer relationships by posting pictures and bios of your employees, either individually or as a group. This can be especially useful for new small businesses looking to introduce themselves to consumers.

Tumblr offers several other features, such as online chat, allowing you to converse with prospective customers in real time. The option to upload and share audio and video files affords a perfect opportunity to release product demonstration videos or just share with your followers a favorite song that your team members play to get themselves motivated.

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