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Staging Seasonal Photography for Your Holiday Social Media

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Revamp your social media to share holiday cheer with your customers. Social media is a visual medium, so focus on holiday photography that creates a winter vibe and captures holiday shoppers. Your photography should include a healthy mixture of lifestyle shots, gift shots and neutral winter shots to capture every type of shopper this winter.

Gift-Themed Holiday Photography

If you sell popular gift items, then staging is as simple as creating the perfect gift-giving situation before you take the shot. This involves a combination of backgrounds, settings, and gift-specific staging with props such as gift wrap, ribbon and holiday stockings.

Choose a velvet-lined jewelry box with silver curling ribbon to hold your brand’s most popular winter-themed engagement ring, and put it in a future groom’s hand as he kneels before his sweetheart in front of the tree. Show just a hint of your brand’s handcrafted cuff links peeking out of a man’s stocking as it hangs on the mantel. Picture a puppy tearing the wrapping paper off a new box of treats as she enjoys her first Christmas with the rest of the family.

Holiday Lifestyle Shots

If you sell items that aren’t big sellers as gifts, such as winter outerwear or cleaning supplies, then focus on lifestyle shots as your ticket to quality holiday social media. Find a way to use them to paint a holiday picture.

Stage a woman outdoors clad in your brand’s windbreaker and gloves, chopping away at this year’s holiday tree at a tree farm. Capture a man with your brand’s heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, sucking up cookie crumbs from in front of the fireplace on Christmas morning. Show a woman lounging on the sofa in front of a pile of presents, wearing your brand’s thickest wool socks.

Neutral Winter Staging

While they’re an important part of your social media visuals from October through December, holiday lifestyle and gift shots shouldn’t be your only winter staging. Include your customers who celebrate other winter holidays (or don’t celebrate holidays at all) by implementing neutral staging that offers a seasonal feel without specifically calling out Christmas.

You can achieve this with wise background choices and conscientious prop use, such as a blue and white background that feels like snow and ice, or placing a mug of hot chocolate next to your signature branded journal and pen set. Other ideas include adding twinkle lights in the background, including a sprinkle of tinsel around your product or playing with the lighting to create a soft white glow that suggests of chilly weather.

What’s great about this type of staging is that neutral staging means greater versatility when it comes to re-using your photography at a later date. Neutrally staged photos are wintry when paired with winter-oriented social media posts, but they can be appropriate to use all year round.

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