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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Turning YouTube Views into Cash

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Use videos on your YouTube channel to expand revenues, either as a part of your overall brand as a small business or independent contractor or as products themselves. Monetizing YouTube is an excellent strategy to bring in substantial cash and opportunities for future business deals, depending on the type of company you have and the direction you decide to take with your channel. Find out how to turn each YouTube view into money.

YouTube Partnership

Partnering directly with YouTube is one of the easiest and most traditional ways to use the platform to generate cash. With each video you post to your channel, there are a number of advertisements – some that play before the video, some that play after, and some that appear throughout the duration of the video. In certain instances, videos play for a certain period of time and then are briefly interrupted by a video ad.

When you partner with YouTube, you have a say in what types of ads play during your video – and how frequently. Price points for each of these types of ads vary. As an equal partner with the platform itself, you split the revenue earned when a video and its ads are played. The biggest selling factor for this method of monetizing YouTube is its convenience – it is easy to do, and it starts generating income quickly. The downside, however, is that this method doesn’t typically bring in a massive earning stream, and very few YouTube partners make major dollars this way.

Sell Your Products

Direct monetization routes such as revenue from ads is often a focus for many YouTubers, but giving away free video content can earn your company money if you use the videos to promote your products and services. That this strategy only works if you are actively touting merchandise that is a bona fide earner for your company.

Subscribers who regularly view your channel are often customers, but they may also be individuals referred to your channel or simply YouTube viewers that stumble onto your videos. Consider putting yourself in your videos, modeling or using your goods or services, to allow first-time and newer viewers to put a name and face to the brand. This goes a long way to build your credibility.

Licence Your Content

Videos on YouTube with massive appeal may go viral, meaning they explode across the internet through sharing, forwarding, and reposts. For example, you might post a video to your channel featuring outtakes and bloopers. The video becomes immensely popular and goes viral. Depending on the nature of the video – or the extent of its popularity – different outlets, including other companies, websites, or news shows may seek to use all or part of the video content for their own purposes. You can licence this content to such outlets for a negotiated price. Have your lawyer review any legal documents carefully before you sign, so you avoid losing all rights to your own content.

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