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Use YouTube to Connect With the Public

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YouTube is one of the most effective lean marketing tools for small businesses. If used correctly, YouTUbe can put a company’s message in front of thousands of members of the public. Because marketing videos can be uploaded and keyword-optimized in minutes, YouTube marketing is easy to implement and simple to tweak and make changes on the fly. Using YouTube for business marketing requires only a YouTube business account and a way to upload videos, which could be as simple as using a smartphone.

Reasons to Use YouTube for Business Marketing

Perhaps the most enticing reason to use YouTube as a business marketing tool is that it is free. While YouTube offers paid marketing options that can gain additional exposure for a video, it costs nothing to upload a video and promote it using keywords and other methods.

As of 2016, YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world, trailing only behind Google. Any business looking to increase exposure should try to tap into YouTube’s massive daily traffic.

YouTube videos are easy to edit or delete if they do not produce a desired result. If a campaign proves to be ineffectual or counterproductive, YouTube marketing can be halted in an instant, with no sunk costs.

How to Use YouTube to Market to the Public

Establishing a YouTube presence can help a business gain exposure and solidify client relationships. Many companies active on YouTube have thousands of customers and online fans that log in daily just to see if the company has posted new videos. For example, a chiropractor in Houston, Texas, has gained a cult-like following by posting videos performing unique adjusting techniques on patients and peppering those videos with jokes and quirky comments to keep viewers entertained. As a result, the popularity of his videos has spread; according to the doctor, he books new patients every week who found him through YouTube.

A YouTube account is required to post videos to the website. While the company does not offer special business accounts, it does offer brand channels that businesses can select to target their marketing with a sharper focus. After signing up for an account, a business can begin uploading videos.

Part of the upload process involves tagging a video with keywords, which makes it show up in search results. Thousands of YouTube videos have gone viral with nothing more than keyword marketing and subsequent word-of-mouth promotion.

When deciding on names for your business’s YouTube account, it is best to go with the actual business name rather than using the name of an individual or a generic screen name. This way, people can find your business easily by searching for its name.

YouTube’s marketing portal provides a sort of small business center for getting a company’s name and what it offers in front of the public. By establishing a YouTube presence, a business can increase brand awareness with new customers and enjoy an easy way to stay engaged with current customers.

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