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Using a Vlog to Promote Your Local Small Business

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Large corporations successfully use vlogging — a medium that has become more and more popular — to promote their business, and market their goods and services. With video marketing campaigns ever on the rise, it’s time for your small business to capitalize on this budget-friendly medium.

The Art of Vlogging

First used in the early 2000s, the term “vlog” is the shortened form of a “video log” or “video blog.” In simple terms, a vlog is a blog that includes video footage. Since 2007, vlogging has grown exponentially. One current trend is the creation of a journal or diary-like entry composed entirely in video format. The equipment needed to produce a vlog, which can be as simple as a smartphone, make vlogging a simple medium that can be easily be leveraged to promote your small business.

Tips for Shooting a Quality Vlog

The cost of your vlog boils down to the amount you end up paying for equipment and production. As a small business owner, up-front expenses such as these are a major concern. The quality of the content you produce speaks to the credibility and professionalism of your business. So, while it’s smart to be budget-savvy, don’t be cheap. It’s worth spending some money on a good camera. However, if you’re extremely strapped for cash, using a smartphone you already own isn’t a bad way to go. Many smartphones on the market today have video recording options, filters, and editing capabilities that produce excellent videos — some that can rival studio-quality equipment.

If your budget can afford the purchase of a digital camera, the quality and options of shots, filters, and editing features will pay off in terms of having a vlog that looks professional. The camera may also come in handy for additional marketing video and photo needs. Regardless of what recording device you choose, make sure to purchase a tripod — you need a vlog that’s steady, not shaky.

Try recording in different locations with a variety of light sources and backgrounds. Depending on spaces available to you, it may be a good idea to invest in external lighting. There are reasonably-priced lighting kits that are designed specifically for the shooting of vlogs and promotional videos. Investing in an external microphone is also something to consider to up the sound quality of your video.

Vlog Outlets

YouTube remains the most popular distribution channel for vlogs. Establish an account for your business, shoot the video, and save it to an SD card or straight to your computer. Once the video has been edited, you can simply upload it to your channel. Keep in mind that people will only see your vlog if they choose to, so pick a catchy but accurate title that will entice viewers to watch.

The popularity of vlogging has boosted the number of free video platforms available to users. For maximum views, consider posting your vlog to multiple platforms. Consider Vimeo, which includes primarily professional videos, and offers two pay-for-use subscription options with extra features and more space. Other platforms to consider include Metacafe, Flickr, and Ustream.

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