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How to Use WhatsApp Business to Connect to Customers

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WhatsApp is a massive social messaging service with over a billion users each month. Now that the official WhatsApp Business application has been unveiled, what does this mean for your small business?

For starters, you get to create a business profile. This makes it easy to connect with your customers and let them know more about your company. You can list your e-mail, physical store address, website, or descriptions of your business. Although you can casually list this information on social media, you can also have your information verified through WhatsApp so your customers know they can trust what you’re telling them. If you decide to set up a business account, people will know you’re a professional operation instead of a casual seller.

You also get to connect with customers through messaging tools. It’s almost like having a digital reception desk. You get to greet customers, field questions, provide more information, and communicate in other ways with your shoppers. Instead of being limited to only speaking with customers during business hours, you can help anyone at anytime. You get to set up smart messaging tools that send quick responses to frequently asked questions and set default greetings or away messages if you’re not able to help with questions right away.

There’s also a ton of information you can collect about your customers. The WhatsApp Business application gives you reports on the number of messages that were sent, delivered, and read. You’ll get more insight about how often you chat with customers and how fast you get in touch so you can make plans to get better connected. Downloading the WhatApp Business application is the first step to getting better at staying in touch with your customers. Even if you don’t use all of the features, you can learn more about who you sell to, what your current customer service process looks like, and how you can make your company better.

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