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Customer Spotlight: Moore Details Bookkeeping

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1. Tell us about your business.

Moore Details Bookkeeping began in 2006 after the birth of our first of three girls. I wanted to stay close to home and still earn an income. Although tending to a crying baby, burning dinner, and trying to sound professional when a client called was a little much! Clients soon came my way as they appreciated the customized bookkeeping service and my candidness. I’m a shoot from the hip kind of girl. I won’t put the Band-Aid on – but I’ll rip it off and get your books in order! Being helpful is everything in this business. By treating everyone like a million dollar client, I have been able to grow quite a bit. The referrals keep on coming.

2. What was your first “big win” moment as a business owner? That moment when you said “Hey I can do this!”

It was shortly after acquiring my first client. A hole in one client! Pardon the golfing pun. The business itself was successful, but behind the scenes the bookkeeping was a complete mess! Vendors hadn’t been paid, remittances were outstanding, and worse yet, the office looked like a bomb had gone off. I set to work immediately in my high heels and my “gotta get it done” attitude. In one day the office was organized, the software had been updated for vendor payables, remittances done and paid, and processes where quickly installed to create efficiency in communication. After eight years, this client is still part of my bookkeeping family. We often laugh at that first day.

3. Who has been your biggest support system since starting your business?

My greatest supporter has been my husband Brian. He has continuously provided understanding when there has been an influx of work. Always willing to tend to family matters and put a couple of last minute dinners together. There are mentors all around that I turn to. There are the certified accountants I bounce difficult questions to; however, when you look at the big picture, everyone is a mentor and has something to offer. All it takes is a kind listening ear and you can find out some pretty cool perspectives on business and life!

4. How long have you been using QuickBooks and what version are you using?

I have been using QuickBooks since 2008, and currently in the process of converting all of my clientele from QuickBooks Desktop and other accounting packages to the QuickBooks Online platform. I also encourage my clients to implement very useful apps such as Receipt Bank, Expensify, TSheets and POSE.

5. What are the main tasks that QuickBooks helps you perform?

QuickBooks Online helps me manage my client cash flow, provide real time feedback with current financial information, bank and credit card reconciliations, government remittances (Payroll, HST), payroll processing and receipt processing, and general sanity! It can be absolutely crazy taking care of several sets of books without the right type of software. QuickBooks Online keeps me organized.

6. How has QuickBooks helped you start, run or grow your business?

The QuickBooks Online platform is in high demand. Clients like the idea of having a centralized Cloud environment where all the financial data is synced with their computer, mobile device, and tablet. It also provides an opportunity for the users to become involved in their bookkeeping story. All Moore Details clients are expected to have some involvement in the bookkeeping process. Whether it’s processing payroll, inputting sales, or using Receipt Bank to capture expenses, this lowers their bookkeeping costs. My company is then able to provide them with the data they are looking for, which we discuss in our 15-minute weekly chats. The “How am I doing” factor is present. Clients would rather hire a bookkeeper that can provide them with how they are doing now, instead of paying them to do low value tasks like data entry and repetitive payroll.

7. What is the best advice you could give to someone just starting out?

My advice is to always be helpful and honest. Working hard is necessary, but working smart is imperative. I believe using software like QuickBooks Online and several of the cool applications will save you tons of time – time that you can now spend working on that fabulous product or service you offer! Remain involved in your bookkeeping story. After all, don’t you want to see the results of your hard work? I know I do!

Website: www.bellevillebookkeeping.com (coming soon)



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