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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your E-Commerce Shop

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Because e-commerce stores are becoming easier to start with the help of numerous online tools, it is also more common to make mistakes. The time and resources poured into developing an online store are wasted if proper steps are not taken and certain strategies are not developed. Here are five common pitfalls of e-commerce stores that can be easily avoided.

Poor Photographic Integration

Your e-commerce store’s visual depictions go a long way in fostering success. You want to incorporate accurate, high-quality product images to adequately communicate to customers what you are selling. Provide photographs of your products from different angles or integrate videos on how to use your products. Avoid the mistake of not properly communicating what your product does, what raw materials make your product, and other distinguishing features. Although text is useful to communicate information, do not underestimate the power of communicating through image.

Insufficient Information

Another common e-commerce mistake is not giving the customer all the data needed. You should list descriptions of how your product is made and what materials are used. Explain shipping rates and policies, especially if your product is seasonal or customers require your product in emergency situations. In addition, discuss return policies and what options your customers have for exchanges. Clearly display current contact information on each page, typically at the bottom of each webpage. If you do not wish to display pricing information, ensure methods of communication are present for those who may wish to inquire about pricing.

Ease of Access

Try to avoid the pitfall of having an e-commerce store that is hard to navigate. First, have a mobile-optimized website platform and ensure your layout is cross-functional across multiple operating systems. In addition to the layout, implement features for the convenience of your customers. For instance, embed a search engine plugin to enable customers to search your site. Consider providing a site map location to customers to guide them toward the appropriate sections of your e-commerce store.

Inadequate Search Engine Optimization

Customers will most likely search for your products or e-commerce store through the use of a major search engine. Research keyword development to successfully integrate commonly searched keywords or phrases into your text content. This research should be performed in conjunction with your marketing strategy to convey consistent verbiage. SEO integration also focuses on how your website is constructed, how links interact within your website, how your images are tagged, and what data is distributed to search engines. Ultimately, you do not want to disregard the importance of establishing an SEO strategy.

No Outreach

An e-commerce store is pointless without traffic. Therefore, do not mistakenly believe once your e-commerce store is established, your work is done. You should integrate your company into social media. Develop and foster your company’s identity through a logo, mission statement, or slogan. Create a biography about your company. Take all these items and integrate them into your e-commerce store, and do not lose sight of the mission; attracting customers to your store is the only way you will make a sale.

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