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Office Decorating to Boost Employee Morale

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Office decor makes a big difference in employee happiness, and happy employees tend to be more productive and efficient. Because people spend much of their day at work, the aesthetics of the workplace have a big impact on overall health and happiness.

Controlling Clutter

The first step to decorating your office to boost employee morale is to tidy up the area. Clutter is distracting in the workplace, and a workplace filled with random junk can increase stress. Encourage workers to keep their individual work areas neat and keep communal areas free of clutter. Use filing systems and organizers to help manage paper in the office, or go paper-free and focus on digital communication for most in-office tasks. Providing open spaces for employees to get up and move around or lounge areas for relaxing creates balance in the office environment and stimulates creativity.

Decorating With Light and Colour

Light and colour are instant mood lifters. Natural light in particular has a strong effect on feelings of contentment and the ability to focus. Take advantage of natural light by placing employee workstations near large windows, or use light bulbs that mimic natural light to get a mood-boosting effect.

Choose office colours based on principles of colour psychology. Blue shades create a soothing atmosphere and help workers concentrate, while green hues promote creativity. Office colour schemes that match your brand identity can give employees a sense of purpose and encourage teamwork.

Go Green Using Office Plants

Incorporate plants into your office decor to create a healthier, more cheerful work space. Succulents are an easy-to-maintain option if you’re taking care of the plants yourself. Aloe plants, spider plants and English ivy are some other popular indoor plants that freshen the air and bring the benefits of nature into your work area. If you’re concerned about upkeep, hire a plant service to come in and care for your office plants to get the benefits of greenery without the extra work.

Add Some Artwork

Art ranges from contemporary abstract pieces to photographs of stunning vistas. The art in your office sets a specific tone and impacts how your employees feel. A design studio might opt for cutting-edge art that impresses clients and keeps designers mentally engaged. A more formal workplace might use scenic landscapes to help reduce stress or motivational images to inspire innovative thinking.

Personalizing Office Decor

When it comes to an employee’s immediate environment, encouraging personalized decorating can boost morale. Employees often display family photos or collectibles on their desks, but personalization can get more elaborate. Desk lamps, colourful organizers and custom artwork all let employees show off their personalities. On a larger scale, inviting workers to decorate the entire office for holidays and special events gives everyone in the company a sense of ownership over the shared space.

Creating clear company guidelines about office decorating helps employees know what is allowed. From a potted plant on the windowsill to original art in the break room, office decor that resonates with your employees makes every day in the office more enjoyable.

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