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Effectively Branding Your Accounting Practise

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Branding sets your accounting practise apart from others by creating a particular identity or image for your services. While related to marketing, branding is a separate concept. Essentially, your branding helps define your values, niche, and vibe as an accounting company as a whole. That branding then influences your marketing so you draw the right type of clients. An analysis of your current brand compared to where you want to be helps you make changes and clarify your brand identity.

Internal Business Analysis

Branding an accounting business requires you to determine exactly how you want to target your services. Analyse your current business to narrow down that niche audience and service. Do you work primarily with small businesses or companies in a particular industry? Do you specialize in a particular type of accounting? Are you one of the first accountants with expertise in a growing new trend? Do you use cutting-edge technology that gives you an advantage? Do you offer a special experience or method of delivering your accounting services that sets you apart? How do your clients perceive you? How do you perceive yourself? An analysis of your current business helps you hone in on a niche to use as the basis of your branding. If you have staff members, ask them how they perceive the practise and what they see as traits that set it apart.

External Perception Analysis

Getting input from clients helps you understand your current branding or lack of branding. A phone survey with a subset of your current clients is a way to get feedback regarding how they perceive your company. Do they see your practise and your specialties the same way that you do? Do the clients surveyed have similar opinions? The feedback you get from your clients can either confirm that you’re on the right track in defining your brand or indicate you need clearer branding. Look for conflicting perceptions that require a more clear definition. Pick out potential negative perceptions clients have, and focus on how branding might change them.

Brand Definition

Use your analysis to narrow down your desired brand for your firm. Narrow down your target clients and the types of businesses they run. Decide who you want to serve and what types of services you want to offer those clients. Create an ideal client persona to delve into the personality and mind of your target. This information helps you brand your business to appeal to those target clients. Choose defining words to express your focus and values as an accounting firm, such as data-driven, real-time, and client-centred. Having a clear written plan to describe your ideal clients and the image you want your company to exude is the basis of your branding.

Visual and Written Branding

With the conceptual ideas for your accountant branding plan in place, it’s time to convey that branding through your visual and written elements. Everything from your company logo to your website copy expresses your branding. All chosen elements, including colours, images, fonts, and the actual words you use, are important parts of your branding. If your accounting firm targets young, vibrant, creative businesses, your branding components should include vivid colours, creative fonts, and words those businesses might relate to and use. If you’re aiming for a professional image targeting established executives, you might incorporate a more muted colour palette with professional-looking fonts and more refined language. Branding is a way to define yourself as an accounting firm. A clear brand helps attract the type of clients you want to serve, allowing you to maximize your expertise and your profits.

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