How to Start a Market Cleaning Businesses

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A clean and great-smelling home can market itself, and word-of-mouth marketing is a great idea. Sometimes, it’s necessary to kick it up and grow your client base. Use these ideas to market your cleaning business.

Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the most important elements of a website is reaching your target audience. If you’re a commercial cleaner, this might mean business decision-makers who prefer clean lines, muted colour palettes, and content with an air of professionalism. Your design choices, colours, and content should be directed toward this target audience. Be sure to include your contact information, availability, referrals, and all other relevant information, including links to your business’s social media pages. If you use Facebook or LinkedIn for your business, be sure your branding is consistent across your pages. In this digital age, it’s much easier to create your website using a site like Wix or WordPress. First impressions are everything, and although it’s cost-effective to do it yourself, if you aren’t proficient in website building or branding, you might cost yourself more in the long run. If you can afford the labour, hiring a graphic designer could be worth the investment. It’s important to have a mobile-friendly website, because so many people use smartphones and tablets to access the internet. In fact, in 2016, the amount of search via smartphones outpaced desktop searches. You could also look into booking apps, like SetMore or Acuity Scheduling, so your customers can easily book appointments from your website.

Use Digital Advertising

Once you have a good website and Facebook page, you should consider digital advertising for your small business. Google AdWords has free training tools, and Facebook’s ad platform is another approach you could use. These platforms allow you to set the demographic, frequency, and appearance of the ad according to your needs. The important part about digital advertising is to track its performance using analytics, so you can make changes and ensure effectiveness. If you’re unsure of the DIY approach, you could always hire a temporary consultant via a platform like

Network (and Have a Branded Product)

If you’re a commercial cleaner, try visiting corporate office’s HR departments. For home cleaners, visit realtor offices or rub elbows at your local farmers market. The aim isn’t to get these people to book an appointment, but rather spread awareness about your business. It could be beneficial to offer them something – individually wrapped cookies with a branded sticker with your information on it, or maybe a travel-sized bottle of homemade window cleaner (distilled vinegar, alcohol, and corn starch) with a branded sticker. It should be something you can do inexpensively, but in which your prospective client finds value.

Get and Display Referrals

One obstacle for small cleaning businesses is prospective clients’ concern for security. One way to combat this fear is to seek referrals from your happy clients and display them on your website, LinkedIn page, and other social media. If you’re hoping to market your cleaning business and you’re doing the initial research, than you’re on the right track. Be sure you’ve educated yourself on each tactic; it’s probably best to try one at a time and see how each performs.

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