How to Create an Effective Business Name That Sells Itself

By Greg DePersio

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The name of your business offers a first impression to prospective customers. If you choose a name that is bland or unoriginal, customers will be less likely to think of you when they need the services you offer. On the other hand, if you select a name that stands out and paints your business in the best light, your business will be the first to come to mind.

A good business name is unique, connotes what your company has to offer and fits into an easy-to-remember website domain with the potential to rank highly in search engines. Create a business name that primes your company for success.

It Is Unique and Stands Out

If you name your business “Mike’s Flower Shop,” you’re unlikely to stand out in customers’ minds from Jim’s Flower Shop or Sara’s Flower Shop. Call your business “Floral Masterpieces,” however, and it has a name that has a nice ring to it and isn’t likely to sound anything like your competitors’ business names.

With a unique business name that sticks in people’s minds, customers are less likely to have difficulty recalling the name of your company, and they won’t confuse your business with one of your competitors.

Accurately Portrays Your Business

Your business name might be clever and catchy, but if it relates no useful information as to what your company actually does, it is a waste.

For example, you might think “Studs With Muscles” is a clever name for a moving company, since most people want their movers to be physically strong. Unfortunately, nowhere in that company name does it reveal that your business actually moves furniture. For all your prospective customers know, the business could be a training company for bodybuilders. A name like “Muscle Man Movers” conveys the same image of strength while also letting your customers know the specific service your business offers.

Easy to Promote Online

Having a strong presence online is essential to business success in the 21st century. Gone are the days when customers thumbed through the phone book or parsed newspaper advertisements to find a particular service.

Nowadays, the major search engines serve as the first place people search for a business. When prospective customers are curious about your company and want to learn more, they almost invariably check out your business’s website.

The best company name ideas coincide with terms that get a lot of search engine queries that easily fit into a website domain name. In some industries, online store name generators can provide you with business name ideas that are search engine-friendly.

Returning to the earlier example of Muscle Man Movers, this business name spelled out as a website domain is straightforward and easy to remember. While the exact phrase may not have a high search volume, you could easily add a subtitle to your business name, such as “The Best Ottawa Movers,” that generates major search engine traffic.

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