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Launch and Build Your Own Personal Training Business

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If you like working with people and have a passion for fitness, consider launching a personal training business. You don’t need more education than a high school diploma, and the average personal trainer pay is nearly $20 an hour, with many trainers earning much more.

Unlike many business opportunities, a personal training business is easy and inexpensive to launch. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you can be up and running with a full roster of paying clients in weeks or months. Starts by obtaining the right certifications and then using savvy marketing techniques to procure clients. Keep your business running smoothly by maintaining accurate client records and ensuring your clients are on pace to meet their goals.

Obtain the Right Certifications

While it isn’t illegal to train clients without certifications, you’ll reach loftier heights in your career by getting certified. For one thing, if you choose to work in an established gym as an independent contractor, many gyms require that you’re certified by an organization such as the Certified Personal Trainers Network (CPTN) or the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP). Even if you’re striking out on your own, it is easier to pitch to prospective clients when you have some letters behind your name.

Obtaining certifications isn’t particularly expensive, nor does it require a big time commitment. With online personal training courses, you can absorb the material at your own pace and take the certification exam when you’re ready. Depending on how fast you learn and how motivated you are, the process takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Find Clients

Even if you’re a sensational personal trainer who can whip the most unconditioned person into shape fast, you need clients to have a successful business. Finding clients requires savvy marketing.

By staying in fantastic shape yourself, you serve as a walking billboard for your business. Wear form-fitting clothes that bear your company’s logo. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with strangers and hand out business cards — everyone is a potential client.

Paid marketing is another option. Local search marketing with Google allows you to target people who are actively searching for personal trainers in your local area.

Keep Accurate Client Records

Running a personal training business involves more than pumping up your guns with clients. The administrative side of the business is equally important, including client record-keeping.

Luckily, software programs such as QuickBooks feature small business record-keeping templates that remove the need for messy paperwork.

Keep Your Clients Focused

It is easier on your business to have long-term clients as opposed to a revolving door. As a personal trainer, keep clients coming back by ensuring they’re always making progress toward their goals.

Beyond guiding your clients through workouts, hold regular sit-down sessions with them to map out their progress and, if necessary, tweak their regimen to give them the results they desire. Strike the right balance between praising and rewarding them for meeting benchmarks, and holding them accountable when they fall short.

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