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Things to Avoid When Making a Logo

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Whether your business is large or small, a logo sends a message to potential clients about your products or services. It creates an impression, representing your company every time your clients see it. The best logos all have certain qualities. Do you know what they are?

It’s a good idea to keep your logo as simple as possible. Remember, it’s a symbol that represents your brand, but you should limit the message you convey when creating your logo. A simple logo design with one font make a logo easy to recall. Here’s why: The most memorable logos are simple ones. Think McDonalds, Nike, and Apple. An "M," a swoosh and an apple are easy to remember and say it all. Try to keep make your logo design as unique as possible, too. Aside from being called out by a competitor for copying, if your logo is to similar to that of another company, you might confuse your clients.

You also want to consider your colours carefully when designing your logo. In the marketing world, reds convey high-energy, encourage appetite and stimulate the senses. Orange says your business is friendly and appeals to budget-conscious clients. Yellow represents optimism, and green brings to mind good health, wealth, or environmentally awareness. Blue represents peace and trustworthiness, while purple is the colour of beauty, femininity, or royalty.

Your logo should be a reflection of your business’ core identity, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into creating a design that sends the right message. Embrace simplicity and colour for a truly memorable logo that customers and clients will remember.

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