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Three Reasons You Should Work from Home

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With dramatic advances in technology, many companies do majority of their business using a computer or tablet from anywhere with an internet connection. As a result, more and more people have started to work from home instead of going to the traditional office setting. Working from home can be more cost effective, increase productivity, and allow you to work in a more comfortable environment.

More Cost Effective

The biggest reason why people decide to work from home is the savings from not having an office. Depending on the industry, many professions no longer require a brick and mortar location to serve their client’s needs. Freelancers, bookkeepers, accountants, and traveling sales people can all complete their daily tasks without the need of an office setting. The low overhead of working from home immediately brings savings to the business’s bottom line. Also, working from home can lead to savings through a home office tax deduction.

Even people who still have an office but want to consider working from home will likely save on costs. For example, the cost of commuting to work every day adds up over the long run. Savings can include both gas and less frequent maintenance costs, since the vehicle is used less on a daily basis. For public transit commuters, the costs for bus or train tickets will also generate savings.

Productivity and Effectiveness

People who work from home often find that they can successfully multi-task, which helps create a healthy work-life balance. For example, instead of having to take the time out of the day to commute both to and from work, you can use that time for additional work or spend time with your family. If your commute is one hour each way, then you can devote two hours per day to additional family time. Two hours a day for five days a week is 10 additional hours per week that you can spend with your family. Having a healthy work-life balance leads to an increase in productivity and effectiveness, which are both qualities that employers look for in their employees.

Better Work Enviroment

People who work in an office tend to think there are too many distractions during the work day. Incoming phone calls, unexpected client visits, and co-workers can all be distracting when trying to complete an important task. As well, many people also have trouble focusing with outside ambient noises, such as working in a cubical or open office atmosphere. Without the surrounding noises from co-workers, a home office can often be considerably more quiet and private.

Also, businesses that are run from home give the owners a higher level of comfort. For example, online business owners who have no interaction with customers can dress casually when working from home. Most offices have a certain dress requirements, which may be comparatively less comfortable. Having a home office is key for individuals who want to control their own work environments.

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