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Ideas for Work You Can Do Remotely

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For professionals who chafe at long commutes and employer-imposed schedules, working remotely is a dream solution. Telecommuting gives you the freedom to travel, work in your pajamas, or flex your day around kids’ activities. This flexibility can improve your health, according to a study from Pennsylvania State University, which found that professionals who controlled where and when they worked saw an increase in sleep quantity and quality. If you’re ready to ditch a traditional office job, these professions are well-suited to remote work.

Call Center Agent

Call center jobs require minimal equipment, making them ideal for remote workers. Depending on the company, you might make bookings, handle customer service inquiries, or simply forward calls to the correct person. Many Canadian companies are opting for remote agents to cut call-center operating costs. In 2016, more than 85% of WestJet Airline’s Calgary-based phone agents worked remotely. To be successful at this job, you must have a professional phone manner and a quiet working environment.

Virtual Assistant

Like remote call center agents, virtual assistants perform traditional office jobs from home. As an assistant, you handle a wide variety of administrative tasks that range from scheduling to communication. Working situations vary. Some employers want assistants who are available full-time during regular business hours, while others need just a few hours per week. Check for virtual assistant listings on online job boards such as Upwork and FlexJobs.

Writer or Editor

If you have writing or editing skills, you’re in a great position to start working remotely. Many of these jobs are attainable with nothing more than a computer and internet connection, so you can do them from your sofa or a beach in Costa Rica. FaceTime and Google Hangouts make it easy to conduct interviews from anywhere, and email helps you stay in touch with clients. To get started, check out writing-specific job boards, such as Freelance Writing, MediaBistro, and ProBlogger.


Both computer and console-based gaming jobs are available from home. Programming, software design, and animation skills could land you a job as a remote game developer, while jobs as beta game testers are an option for marathon gamers. Unless you can handle the full development process, your best bet is to apply for telecommuting positions with an existing company. A portfolio, game test recordings, and social media presence can help convince employers you have what it takes to work independently.

App Developer

Apps are taking over everyday communication and productivity, creating endless remote-work opportunities. If you have the skills to do both programming and interface design, you can start right away. Build your own apps, or design custom apps for private clients. Alternatively, look for telecommuting developer jobs at companies with substantial communication needs, such as healthcare networks and government agencies.


Arts and crafts businesses are one way to turn your projects into profit. If your dream job is working with your hands, consider opening an online store. The possibilities are endless. On Etsy, sellers post everything from jewelry to handmade shoes. If you don’t want studio space or bulky materials to limit you, put your artistic skills to work, and sell digital versions of your pieces. The Esty shop HeadedSomewhere sells a small collection of artwork in JPG form; as of March 2017, the shop had more than 3,500 sales. Remote work gives you the freedom to control your workday so you can enjoy a better work/life balance. By taking advantage of communication technology and cloud-based systems, you can do many jobs from anywhere.

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