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3 Apps to Keep Your Inbox Organized

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You love how emails let you get in touch with people easily, but you feel overwhelmed by the number of emails sitting in your inbox. Use these apps to get your inbox under control.

Inbox by Google

Inbox by Gmail offers an intuitive way for you to handle your Gmail inbox. It is available as a web app or a mobile app for iOS or Android. When an email arrives at your Gmail inbox, Inbox lets you snooze the email to remove it from your inbox and specify a date and time when you want it to reappear. This lets you control what shows up in your inbox and at what time. For example, when someone sends you an email with the agenda for a meeting scheduled for two weeks later, you probably don’t need to do anything about that email right away. You can snooze the email without even opening it and tell it to reappear in your inbox a week later, when you have to prepare for the meeting.


The time you spend going through your inbox every day to identify which emails are important and which are not can add up. SaneBox keeps you sane by prioritizing your emails for you. This app can work with most web-based email systems and email accounts hosted on Exchange and IMAP servers. When you sign up for SaneBox, it creates several folders, including SaneLater and SaneBlackHole, in your email system. When you receive an email, SaneBox determines the importance the email and takes the appropriate action. It also learns which emails are important to you by monitoring your email habits. For example, when you move an email from a second cousin from your inbox to the SaneLater folder, SaneBox knows that your second cousin isn’t a priority; any future email from him will skip your inbox and go directly to the SaneLater folder. When you move an email from your annoying third cousin to the SaneBlackHole folder, SaneBox will delete all future emails from him before you even see them.


If you find that your inbox is often overloaded with junk mail and newsletters that you subscribe to, Unroll.Me may just be the service you need. Unroll.Me is free, and it is available as a web app or an iOS app. It takes all the newsletters from your inbox, rolls them up into a daily digest, and delivers it to your inbox at a time when you want to read it. Instead of getting 20 newsletters in your inbox each day, you can use Unroll.me to get just one daily digest that contains all these newsletters. If you no longer want a newsletter, Unroll.Me also lets you unsubscribe from it easily. Thanks to these apps, organizing your inbox doesn’t have to be a headache any more.

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