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Manufacturers: Learn How to Participate in Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

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If you work in manufacturing, you know that things are changing, and fast. To stay competitive, companies across Canada are racing to make their workflows more innovative. That’s where Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster can help. This exciting new government program is designed to bring together small businesses, investors, and other manufacturing players to supercharge the industry.

What Is a Supercluster?

A supercluster is a place that has high business activity, usually in a specific field. Think of Silicon Valley in the United States, which is home to some of the most important high-technology companies in the world. Superclusters put people and resources close to each other. If you’re part of one, you can find other people to partner with or invest in your business, so it’s easier to come up with exciting innovations. That’s what the Canadian government hopes to do with the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses. If the project is successful, you can expect it to create new jobs and open up opportunities for your company.

Understanding the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

The goal of the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster is to bring Canada’s manufacturing into the next generation. But what does that mean? One member might be adding new technology to make factories faster and better suited to agile manufacturing, while another might use advanced materials and 3D printers to make stronger, cheaper components. All of this activity is located in Ontario, which already has strong technology and manufacturing industries. If your business deals with machine learning, cybersecurity, 3D printing, or the Internet of Things, the supercluster could be a good fit.

How Can the Supercluster Help Your Company?

If you’re a small manufacturer, the supercluster might sound intimidating. Don’t worry. The government recognizes that companies of all sizes can make important contributions. One of the biggest benefits of joining the supercluster is you can share information and resources with other members. Imagine that you’re trying to add new technology to your production line. It’s expensive and time-consuming, and if it doesn’t work, your business could go under. If you’re a supercluster member, you could share that risk by partnering with other companies. Are you developing a new manufacturing process? If you’re in the supercluster, it’s a breeze to find experts to help you fill in knowledge or skill gaps. Plus, since the government is cost sharing the project, you can expect easy access to resources, funding, and education.

How Can Your Company Join the Supercluster?

Although the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster has already been formed, your company still has opportunities to join. In fact, the Canadian government requires all of the superclusters in the Innovation Superclusters Initiative to welcome new members over time. Since the project is relatively new, as of April 2018, the membership process is evolving. The best way to find out when spots open up is to join the supercluster’s email list by emailing NGM Canada.

By investing in manufacturing and technology through the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, the government hopes to help turn Canada into a world leader of innovation. If you’re ready to move into next-generation processes, your company could benefit from the funding and shared resources in the supercluster.

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