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Getting Existing Customers Excited About New Products and Services

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A loyal customer base gives you a captive audience when you’re ready to launch a new product. Many people want to try new things from companies they already love. Other customers may feel resistant to new products, especially if they already have favorites. Convincing your existing fan base to try out your newly created product can turn them into your biggest promoters.

Building Up Excitement

Teasing your new product or service gives your followers a chance to warm up to the idea before you ask them to try it. Social media channels give you an instant connection to fans of your brand. You might pose questions related to the new product as a market research tool to see how they might react. Ask followers of your salon or spa business if they’ve heard of the latest trend you’re preparing to offer to engage them.

When you’re ready to share details about the launch, introduce the idea gradually. You might post pictures of the new product with a "coming soon" message on it. Instead of going straight for the sales pitch, give your customer base information about the addition to your line first. Share your excitement for the changes coming, so it rubs off on your followers. If you have a physical location, let customers who come in see the new products even if they aren’t on sale yet.

Using Video Promotion

Video is another direct way to share details about a new product or service. Live stream as you prep the products for the shelf. Demonstrating the product on video lets viewers see it in action. Use the videos as a way to show customers you understand their pain points. The video should show them how your new product can address those issues. Social media channels aren’t the only place to show the videos. Add them to your company website to reach visitors. You can also play them in your store or use them for paid advertisements online.

Showing a Connection With Existing Products

If your customers like your current products, they may wonder why they should try something else. Connecting your new offerings to your existing products helps convince them they can use both. A new dietary supplement you’re offering might make a previous bestseller work better. Your new hair care product line might make a color service at your salon last longer. New dried herb combinations can go with tried and true seasonings you sell to make an amazing new dip recipe. Show your customers why they need both products.

Hosting a VIP Event

Rally your existing clients to help create early buzz about your new product or service with a VIP event. An invite-only event makes your customer base feel valued. It’s exciting to test out something new before the general public. Encourage your customers to attend by making it a special event with live entertainment, product demonstrations, samples, and special pricing. Letting customers try out the product for themselves can also help convince them to share the word about the newest item in your store. Ways to invite customers to the event include using your email marketing list, social media channels, or direct mailings if you have their physical addresses on file.

Getting customers who already like your products on board with new offerings improves your launch success. That built-in audience can become your influencer network to help you expand your reach.

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