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Real Estate: Increase Sales by Becoming a Neighbourhood Expert

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Perhaps the biggest challenge for a new real estate agent is deciding how wide a net to cast when scoping out an area. If you work across a larger area, there are more potential clients and homes. The problem with casting your net too wide is that it’s difficult to immerse yourself in many communities at once. You might advertise in 10 different areas, but you don’t maintain a true presence there, making it difficult to forge relationships and become the trusted agent people call. Becoming a neighbourhood expert lets you focus on a smaller area and become the person that residents tell their friends and family to go see when buying or selling a home.

Get Involved

To become the go-to real estate agent in the neighbourhood, you have to do more than post on the neighbourhood Facebook page and drop flyers in mailboxes. Get involved in the community and make your presence known. If you have children in the local schools, join the PTA. If you’re politically inclined, run for your neighbourhood’s seat in the city council, or at least attend the meetings and volunteer your thoughts. Join a local church if you’re religious, or if not, get involved with a volunteer group and give back to the community. People in the neighbourhood want to see that you’re personally invested in making the community thrive, as opposed to someone who simply drops in from time to time to solicit business.

Pitch In

When the neighbourhood hosts a block party, bake sale, or free concert, you want to be the first person volunteering to help with the setup or execution of the event. This puts you front and center at events where many neighbourhood residents are present, and it also establishes you as a leader in the community, which naturally elevates your status in the minds of people who live there. If residents see you handling preparations every time they attend neighbourhood events, they’re more likely to call you for real estate needs as opposed to calling the person who they only see in local advertisements.

Know the Neighbourhood Inside and Out

As a real estate agent, you already know the importance of keeping up with market trends in the areas you work. At the drop of a hat, you should be able to tell customers how much home values have appreciated on a certain street, or how long a typical house sits on the market before selling. A true neighbourhood expert knows more about the area than real estate metrics. You want to learn everything there is to know about the local schools, small businesses in the area, new construction projects on the horizon, and all the little quirks and intricacies that make the neighbourhood unique. This is what makes the difference between being a neighbourhood salesperson and a neighbourhood spokesperson. Becoming a neighbourhood expert can boost your real estate career by helping you generate leads and increase sales without spending money on advertising.

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