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Simplify File Management On the Go With a Portable All-in-One Unit

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Staying organized in your office can be difficult enough. File management and record-keeping fall behind, supplies can be hard to find, and clutter often threatens to take over everything. But organization on the go can be even tougher. Finding the right tools to keep you functioning at top productivity while you’re on a business trip or making sales calls is crucial to any entrepreneur. A portable all-in-one printer can make a big difference. Whether you’re getting a startup off the ground or growing your small business, see what a portable all-in-one can do.

  • You don’t need a computer. Simplify your day and lighten your backpack or briefcase with an all-in-one machine that can print directly from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Record-keeping becomes easier. You pick up a new contact’s business card? Scan it directly into your contacts. Or scan receipts so you don’t have to carry around scraps of paper for your expense report.
  • You can close the deal right away. Print off contracts on the spot so you can get a new client’s signature, or hand over an invoice so you can speed up the payment process.
  • Print photos wherever you are. If you need to commemorate what a display looks like, you can not only take a photo, but with a portable printer, you can hand over a hard copy to anyone who needs a tangible visual record.
  • Create backups seamlessly. Scan important documents when they’re in your hands so you have a digital backup that you know you can find.

Boost your productivity while running between meetings by carrying a portable, wireless all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier that makes entrepreneurial life easier.

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