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No More Repeat Visits! Use Augmented Reality for Successful Service Calls

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Augmented reality technology layers computer-generated images on top of a user’s real-world view, creating a compound digital-realistic experience. If your business employs field service workers, this sophisticated technology has the potential to improve efficiency, reduce repeat visits, and boost customer satisfaction.

Chances are your technicians rely on complicated manuals and instruction sets. Augmented reality has the power to streamline this system thanks to its ability to superimpose a digital diagram on top of live video feed of a machine, component, or system. Instead of flipping through manuals, your employees can rely on this combined AR view to find a specific part or identify a problem. As a result, you can reduce the duration of each call.

Augmented reality technology can also support interactivity; this means that when your employees are in the field, it’s possible to tap on a component in an overlay diagram to see a list of common problems and access repair instructions. Apps such as FieldBit provide an instant visual or video for each step, enabling your workers to verify their process and eliminate mistakes along the way. By embracing this type of interactive augmented reality platform, you can increase repair accuracy on the first try, which leads to fewer repeat service calls, lower labor costs, and happier customers.

Traditionally, field services workers undergo a great deal of expensive training. Augmented reality technology puts a wealth of information just a tap away, so your workers don’t need to memorize diagrams and complicated instructions. Without this burden of knowledge, your company can spend less time and money on training.

As augmented reality technology becomes more accessible, it has the potential to help your company reduce the number of service calls. Instead of sending a technician out to solve a problem, you could ask a customer to download your company’s proprietary app and point it at the system; on your end, an employee could use remote access to see the customer’s system, make quick fixes, and give the customer helpful tips. This process is already in action at Caterpillar, which uses augmented reality technology to help users overcome basic operational hurdles and grant employees remote access to rented equipment.

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