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Establish a BYOD Policy Before Creating a Program

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Many small businesses that have employees are beginning to put in place Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, allowing employees to use their personal devices for business purposes. There are a few concrete benefits to having a BYOD program, such as cost savings, productivity increases, and more simplicity. If your employees need to use smartphones, tablets, or other devices to do their jobs, you might want to consider starting a BYOD program.

But before you introduce the program to employees, you should first create a set of BYOD policies. You need a set of rules and policies in place so employees fully understand their obligations and expectations when connecting their personal devices to your business. Without clear policies in place, many bad things could happen. Usually, BYOD policies are part of an employee handbook or privacy policy.

Your BYOD policy should address a few keys issues. Since the device will have business data and personal data on it and be used in the employees’ professional and personal lives at the same time, you need to outline what is considered "acceptable use." This might include what types of message can be sent from the device, what types of website the employee can visit, and what family or friends can use device, if any.

Some written details about who is responsible for data usage and monthly phone plans should be included, too. You should also lay out expectations regarding any corporate monitoring of the data and device as well as if any location-tracking using GPS will be used to track employees.

BYOD programs can be great for employers and employees. But without a clear set of policies in place before starting such a program, you might find yourself dealing with a lot of employee related complaints and headaches.

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