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5 Ways VoIP Can Help Small Businesses

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When you’re ready to cut the cord and expand the phone options in your workplace, take a look at VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol systems. Voice over internet protocol systems get rid of the traditional cords, using a broadband internet connection instead of analog phone lines to place calls. VoIP technology converts your conversations into digital signals before sending them via the internet. This tech-driven solution gives you flexibility and more options than traditional phone lines.

Cost Savings

VoIP phone systems often cost much less per month than traditional phone lines. VoIP providers usually charge a relatively low monthly fee with a set number of minutes, extensions, and phone numbers included. Some allow free calls placed between computers, which can help you save even more. Because you pay a flat rate, you know what to expect on your bill each month.

Increased Productivity

VoIP systems are simple to use, and setup and installation are ultra easy, in contrast to some traditional phone systems. When you choose a VoIP system, you get cutting-edge features designed to increase your productivity. Voicemail-to-email transcription means you automatically get your messages in written form, so you no longer have to waste time punching in numbers to access the system or scribbling down phone numbers on scraps of paper. Using the "do not disturb" feature lets you focus on a project without interruptions when needed.


VoIP technology lets you take your office on the road because you can handle business calls anywhere you have an internet connection. You can work from home or while travelling without missing phone calls. Laptops and cellphones can take the place of your office phone that you use for VoIP calls. With find me/follow me call routing, you can set up a series of phones the call rings into. This feature is especially useful if you spend a lot of time out of the office, because the system can be set to automatically transfer any incoming call to your cellphone after your office phone rings a set number of times.

Versatile Call Options

VoIP technology gives you flexible ways to place calls. If you already own conventional phones for your business, there are converters that let you use these landline phones with the VoIP service. Special VoIP phones give you the feel of a traditional phone. You can make calls directly from your desktop or laptop computer. When you’re out of the office, your cellphone keeps you connected to the calls your business receives.

Extra Features

With VoIP service, you get access to a host of cool features. Many of these features are tools that are often too expensive for small businesses to justify. Using VoIP gives your small business communications the feel of a big company. Some of those features include:

  • Hold music
  • Call screening
  • Automated attendant with menu options
  • Conference calling
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • File sharing
  • Custom greetings
  • Call blocking
  • Call waiting

The specific features may vary depending on the provider you choose, but all the options streamline your workload. You can manage incoming and outgoing calls easily and save your staff time. No matter how small your company, VoIP provides a viable solution for managing communications. Companies can save money with the switch and enjoy features usually reserved for bigger companies.

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