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Switch to Windows 10 for a Business-Friendly OS

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Since Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, it has become the standard on most PCs. Designed for speed and productivity, this slick operating system provides a range of business-friendly features that can make a Windows 10 migration worth the investment. Windows 10 addresses one of the common concerns about switching to a new operating system: workflow disruption. The visual interface and Start menu are similar to older versions of Windows – unlike the dramatically different Windows 8 – so employees experience a shorter learning curve. The Start menu automatically updates to show your most frequently used apps, and live tiles display the current date and weather. When it comes to security, Windows 10 is engineered to keep your data safe without creating extra work. The latest security updates install automatically as soon as they’re available, so there’s no need to check for or download patches. Turn on the included BitLocker program to encrypt your data and reassure your customers that their confidential details are safe. For busy professionals, perhaps one of the most convenient features of Windows 10 is the voice-controlled Cortana. The “Hey Cortana” feature wakes up the virtual assistant when you speak the command, letting you verbally schedule appointments or set reminders in seconds – all without clicking or navigating away from the current task. Windows 10 Pro, the business version of the operating system, comes with additional features that can help your small business. Remote login allows you to access office computers when you’re on a business trip or working from home. If your company has demanding computing requirements, and you’re working with a tight budget or limited office space, Pro’s Hyper-V is an efficient solution. It enables virtual machines, so you can run Linux or other operating systems for small business without investing in additional hardware.

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