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Why You Need Tablets as a Field Professional

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Tablets are a great alternative to laptops for professionals who are constantly on the go. As a working field professional, convenience, functionality, and staying on schedule are all keys to running your small business. Tablets can help you avoid having to use bulky laptops or other devices while you’re traveling or in the field. There are also a number of other benefits to using tablets.


Tablets make it easy for you and your staff to remain efficient on the go. With a tablet in your hands, it’s simple to view to-do lists or instructions, or input information or record data related to the assignment being completed. If, for example, you run a restaurant, having a tablet makes it easy for staff to input and send orders to be filled.

Processing Payments

More and more companies are creating payment processors that are compatible with tablets and other mobile devices. Your company can benefit from using tablets with the ability to process payments immediately instead of having to wait to bill customers. Simply load a payment processing app such as Square onto your tablet and you’re all set to accept payments on the road.

Battery Life

It’s difficult to precisely compare tablets to laptops in terms of battery life simply because of the potential size differences. But the significant difference between the two is noteworthy and shows why tablets are an excellent choice for your business. While a typical laptop battery lasts somewhere around six hours, the average tablet battery lasts about 10 hours, and some tablets have a battery life of 15 or 20 hours. This makes the tablet perfect for carrying around for a full day of work without needing somewhere to plug it in to a power source.


Having a tablet on hand means you can sign important documents without the inconvenience of needing pen and paper. The tablet’s touch screen makes it easy for you, your employees, and even customers, to sign for shipments received, sign off on jobs completed, or sign for purchases.

Greener Operations

Using tablets enables you to operate your business in a greener way by going paperless. Tablets can eliminate the need for much of your printing and copying. You can substantially reduce the amount you spend on printers, ink, and paper. By using tablets instead of paper, you’re also reducing your impact on the environment in terms of trees cut down and the amount of waste that piles up in landfills.


The use of laptops for presentations is on the rise, especially for companies looking to avoid using projectors or screens. Using a tablet is ideal for small presentations where the tablet can easily be passed around or held for the audience to see. It’s also perfect for keeping and organizing notes that the speaker can easily pull up and reference throughout a presentation. The tablet is less inconvenient and more inconspicuous than a laptop during a presentation. Tablets can offer your business a number of benefits that will help you and your staff work more efficiently in the office and in the field. Think about how you may be able to implement using tablets in your own small business.

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