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How to Write a Script for Your Small Business Videos

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At first glance, a script might not seem necessary for your company’s video marketing projects. After all, how hard can it be to create a 30-second clip? If you’ve ever tried to record off-the-cuff, you know that it can take many tries to get the perfect shot. This is where a script can be a huge time-saver. It makes everything easier, from selecting a filming location to recording your narration — so you can get great footage with fewer takes.

Determine the Goal of Your Video?

Before you do anything else, it’s important to decide what you want your video to accomplish. Are you introducing a new company? Giving a behind-the-scenes tour? Explaining how a product works? Your whole script should revolve around this goal. With that in mind, write a creative brief. It’s helpful to get your team involved to talk about who you want to watch the video and what you want them to learn. This is a good time to think about whether you want to use video, animation, still graphics, or some combination of those three things.

Create a Story

Stories are the perfect way to make your videos more interesting — they draw people in and make them want to keep watching. When you have a lot of information to cover, it can be helpful to write an outline to organize your thoughts. Once you know your main points, figure out how you can tie them together. Say you’re giving a behind-the-scenes tour of your commercial bakery. Instead of simply showing each area, you could follow a cake as it goes from raw ingredients to a beautiful finished product in your display case.

Read Your Script Out Loud

Once you have a rough draft of your script, it’s time to refine. Since you’re going to be speaking the words, the best way to edit is to read it out loud. Each section should feel comfortable and natural. If you stumble over a sentence, it’s probably too complicated. As you read, aim for a conversational tone and make sure to use words that make sense for your audience. If you’re making a video for the general public, for example, industry jargon might be confusing. After a few rounds of editing, consider asking someone else to read the script out loud to you — this can help you judge the flow and overall vibe.

Finish With a Call to Action

The most important part of your marketing video script is the call to action. What do you want people to do after they finish watching? Your call to action depends on the video. If you’re showing off an exciting new product, you could tell viewers to click an Order Now link. If you’re simply making a funny video to bring in more social media followers, you might ask people to follow you on Facebook. Other possible calls to action include:

  • "Check out our Instagram for home decor inspiration"
  • "Visit our website to learn more about this program"
  • "Tell us what you think in the comments"
  • "Find us on YouTube for more videos"

A great script makes video production easier and more fun. With a little time up front, you can come up with natural, easy-to-read lines that draw your viewers into your video.

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