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Save Time by Outsourcing These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

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Your freelance business may have started out small, but since you’re good at what you do, it has grown. When you’ve got too much to do and not enough time to do it, consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of the tedious, time-consuming, and mundane tasks that keep your freelance business growing. Here are some of the things a virtual assistant can do to make your work days a little easier.

Research Blog Topics

Researching blog topics can be very time-consuming, but it still needs to be done, whether you’re a freelance writer or you freelance in another field and publish a blog to market your business. A virtual assistant can research blog topics with a little guidance from you or previous research experience. If you use keyword tools, your virtual assistant can also research keywords for your articles and blog posts. Writing metadata for your articles – those short blurbs that appear in search engine results that say what articles are about – also takes up a lot of time, so you might let your virtual assistant handle that task as well.

Maintain Social Media Accounts

A lot of freelancers open social media accounts, but they just don’t have the time post content on a regular basis. In the digital age, the last thing a freelancer needs is dormant social media accounts. Let a virtual assistant keep your accounts current and full of useful, engaging content. To set your virtual assistant on the right track, consider creating a social media calendar of the types of content you want posted on a daily or weekly basis. A virtual assistant can find interesting articles and relevant quotes online, and source images to post in your social media accounts. To keep your followers engaged, you might also task a virtual assistant with responding to questions and comments they post on your profiles.

Manage Email and Calendar

If you’re overworked, you might forget to check your email and update your calendar. You can give a virtual assistant access to your email account to reply to messages and alert you of important ones as they come in. If your job involves setting appointments, you can use your smart device to send basic details about appointments you make in the field to your virtual assistant to update your calendar. You can also set up a daily call with your virtual assistant to remind you about upcoming appointments.

Note Taking and Transcription

You’re the business owner, and you might not look like you’re ready for the big leagues if you’re doing the note taking yourself in meetings. Have a virtual assistant listen in on meetings and take notes for you instead. These professionals can also transcribe voicemails, podcasts, and video and audio recordings, which can be exhausting when you have so many other things on your plate. Freelancers usually work alone, and you might wind up feeling overwhelmed as your business grows. A virtual assistant can lighten your load so you can focus on making your clients happy and getting more business.

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