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Do You Need an Assistant?

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Running a small business means wearing many hats. Most new business owners don’t have the capital to hire a bunch of employees off the bat, and as a result, the owner is tasked with everything from balancing the books to mopping the break room floor. As your business grows, there comes a point when you’re spending so much time on menial tasks that it takes away from the activities that actually make your company money. At this point, bringing in hired help, whether in the form of an in-person executive assistant or a virtual assistant, to provide assistance with the minutiae of running a business can free your time to focus on core competencies. Here are a few signs your business has reached the point where you need an assistant.

Administrative Tasks Dominate Your Time

Administrative tasks are an important part of running your business. However, these aren’t the kind of activities that make your company money. You make money for your business by bringing in new customers and selling them on your products and services. If you’re spending the majority of every work day on paperwork and other administrative tasks, that leaves precious little time to go out and solicit business and actually make money. As a general rule, at least 50% of your working hours should be spent on core competencies, meaning the things that make your business money. If the time you’re spending on money-making activities is far less because you’re constantly bogged down in an administrative morass, it is probably time to hire a business administrative assistant.

You Don’t Understand Something

Being a successful business owner doesn’t mean knowing everything about all aspects of your business. The best CEOs in the world aren’t jack-of-all-trades, they’re just highly efficient delegators. As your business grows, tasks invariably rise that might be outside your realm of expertise. For example, you probably recognize the necessity of marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram, but what if you don’t know the first thing about social media and its intricacies? A good executive assistant can take this load off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the things you’re good at rather than pouring all your time into acquiring a working knowledge of social media marketing.

You’re Not Good at Sales

You can be the best in the world at your business, but if you can’t pull in customers, you won’t make money. If your business is struggling to fill its pipeline with paying clients, it is probably time to hire an assistant to place in charge of sales and marketing. With a sales representative, you have the option of hiring a full-time employee and paying a salary, or finding an independent contractor and paying strictly on commission. Either way, hiring an assistant to put in charge of sales lets you focus on what you’re good at without the stress of trying to find new customers.

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