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How Your Apple Watch Can Maximize Your Time

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The Apple Watch is designed to do more than just tell time. When you learn to utilize all of the available features, this wearable technology can be a crucial piece to improve small business productivity. The device uses the features of Siri when paired with your iPhone so you check and compose emails and texts and make and take important phones calls to and from clients and colleagues directly from your wrist. Other voice-controlled features include scheduling Uber and Lyft rides and cycling through your favorite playlists while you work out during your break, all without picking up your phone or reaching in your pocket for your device when your hands are full.

If you need to share an email or message with others, you can take a screenshot of the message and send it. You can also save the message in your photos for easy reference at a later time. Downloadable apps that help you run your business, such as Evernote for the Apple Watch, let you dictate to-do lists with voice recognition and cross items off your list with a simple tap of the screen. You can even create and set reminders for special events and appointments instead of taking the time to write down everything on a paper calendar. During meetings and presentations, use the Powerpoint app on your Apple Watch to start a slideshow, flip through slides, or initiate the time-tracking feature to make sure you get through all of your information within a specific time frame. In most cases, the Apple Watch performs all the basic tasks your iPhone can do but faster.

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