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7 Benefits of Time Tracking for the Legal Industry

As people working in law know all too well, busy schedules, multiple clients, long hours, and unpredictable days are part and parcel of working in the industry. However, it does mean that keeping track of how you or your team has spent their time needs to be complicated.

That’s why anyone in the legal industry – from individual consultants, lawyers and attorneys to barristers, legal teams, solicitors, and law firms big and small – can benefit from using software to track time and tasks.

Find out the varied ways time tracking software can help everyone working in the legal industry at any point in their career below.

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1. Improved Client Billing Accuracy

Whether you’re a self-employed consultant or a lawyer working at a large firm, the chances are your time spent with the client is billed by the hour. But your time spent working on client cases doesn’t always cover scheduled face-to-face meetings with clear start and end times. It’s essential also to keep track of time spent on tasks such as:

  • Telephone calls
  • Responding to emails
  • Researching the case
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Following up on leads
  • Preparing for trial
  • Travelling to and from meetings

Without a clear and organized method for your legal time tracking, you may find that you struggle to work out how much to bill your client when the time comes, leading to difficulties with client relations and the company’s cash flow.

Time tracking software makes logging time to each client easy. Our app benefits from a GPS time tracker feature, enabling you to log time on the go, whether you’re working from the office, the courtroom, or a café.

2. Identify Legal Time Drains

Time tracking software for law firms also helps you work more efficiently by providing smart reporting data to show where your time is being spent. Track your time with detailed time entries to help the whole team better understand which tasks are taking up time and where efficiencies should be made.

With QuickBooks Time Tracking software, reports are available for jobs, clients, and teams, to help managers identify legal time drains and take steps to overcome them. This means more time focusing on the case in front of you and less time wasted overall.

3. Mobile App for On-The-Go Law Firms

From meetings with clients to articling and researching in the library to days in the courtroom- working in the legal industry is far from a desk job. If you want to accurately record how your team spends their time on the go, you need client time tracking software that can be updated from anywhere.

That’s why QuickBooks Time has a mobile timekeeping application. Whether they’re in the office or out in the field, the QuickBooks Time mobile app has everything your team needs to track their hours. It updates in real-time, allowing managers to get an overview of how everyone is spending their time at a glance.

Plus, the mobile time tracking app syncs with our payroll feature, making it even easier to calculate billable hours, freeing up more of your time to focus on providing excellent legal services.

4. Create Customizable Reports

If you want better insight into how your team’s time is spent, our time tracking software enables managers to pull data and view it in easy-to-understand reports. The simple data visualizations make it easy for managers and team members to make sense of the company’s timesheet data at a glance.

Get reports by time spent on jobs, client work, or the whole team to help improve efficiencies and work better together.

5. Automate Processes to Improve Workflow

Suppose you’re a self-employed law consultant or manage a small team within an independent firm. In that case, you might find your time is increasingly taken up with admin tasks, from planning schedules to reporting, invoicing, and billing – instead of focusing on providing legal services.

That’s where our legal accounting software can help. It lets you automate everyday tasks like tracking hours, invoicing clients, and monitoring cash flow, giving you more time for winning cases and helping clients. Automatic time entries can make for a more productive and successful law practice! It’s time billing software for lawyers designed with you in mind.

6. Cloud Syncing for Data Access Anywhere

We know that law teams don’t work in one place, so neither does our software. Keep track of your team’s time from anywhere using mobile apps with our cloud-syncing time tracking.

Whenever anyone updates their schedule or logs time, the software updates automatically, so you can be confident that the data you’re seeing is accurate, no matter where you, or your team, are.

7. Integrate Time Tracking Software with Accounting Platforms for Improved Productivity

Save yourself time and headaches by integrating this legal time tracking software with our accounting software for an improved billing system. This allows you to automate many aspects of the financial process, with accurate invoicing and no concerns about billing inaccurately due to human error. Gather all your data in one place for a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Whether self-employed legal consultants or working in a law firm, improve time management with software to help your business succeed. Implement QuickBooks Time in your internal processes to start taking advantage of these benefits today.

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