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5 Ways NFC Technology Can Help in the Field Services Industry

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Coordinating field operations in real-time can be a struggle. Tracking the status of jobs, monitoring the locations of workers and vehicles, and dispatching agents can become overwhelming, but NFC (Near Field Communication) technology can drastically ease your load if implemented properly.

Understanding NFC

NCF technology allows supported devices to transmit data without an internet connection. When the two devices are within range, the first device activates the second device’s chip, facilitating communication between both devices. Wireless internet isn’t always available in the field, so this technology can really help to keep dispatchers and crew on the same page in real-time.

NFC for Mobile Payments

The majority of today’s smartphones include NFC chips that allow users to make immediate mobile payments using services such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay. In the field services industry, this can be incredibly useful for paying employees or independent contractors immediately for services rendered, such as transit. For example, if you need to pay someone to give an employee a ride to a job site, you can simply transmit the payment through the NFC-equipped devices, rather than writing a check or making a bank transfer.

NFC for Workforce Management

NFC is often used as a tool to monitor employee performance. For example, if you run a cleaning service company, you can use NFC technology to track when your employees arrive to a house and when they leave, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The employees can also access messages, schedules, and other important information without having to call, text, or check a website. NFC technology makes the manager’s job much easier, as pertinent updates can be made to the entire staff in real-time.

NFC for Status Updates

In addition to allowing team leaders to communicate directly with staff, NFC technology lets employees communicate with management and fellow team members. For instance, in the healthcare industry, medical professionals can use NFC to find out exactly where patients have been moved, their immediate health status and needs, medications required, and other time-sensitive details. NFC technology can also be used by contractors to let clients know the status of repair jobs, construction projects, and other industries that work on an hourly basis.

NFC for Authorization

In many field service industries, proper credentials are required to enter certain buildings or areas. NFC-compatible devices can be used to communicate with NFC-equipped security devices, allowing them to gain access quickly and easily. In many situations, such as emergency healthcare, every second counts. NFC ensures employees don’t get tied up in red tape trying to enter a restricted zone.

NFC for Monitoring Guard Patrols

In a security setting, it’s critical that guards are able to communicate efficiently in real-time. NFC technology ensures that every guard knows exactly where they should be at all times. In the case of an emergency, they can react quickly to updates and stay informed as the situation develops. As you can see, using the latest field services technology isn’t just about convenience. NFC can really help to save lives and revolutionize how tactical teams work. If your company is looking for ways to improve and grow, this exciting technology is certainly worth exploring.

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