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Open an Early Holiday Present — a Brighter, Cleaner QuickBooks Online

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Starting this week, when you sign into QuickBooks Online (QBO), you’ll see a fresh, clean site. To help streamline your accounting, Intuit redesigned QBO to be a smart, efficient place for you to get your accounting done fast.

One of the first changes you might notice is the simple, bright colors and new fonts. The cleaner lettering helps make your information more readable, and the colors help make the important stuff stand out.

Design Enhancements

None of the content or tools you use has been removed, but we’ve reorganized a bit:

  1. Header: Continuous header bar across screen with new, unified color and navigation buttons moved to the right.
  2. Navigation Bar: Clean navigation bar with lighter background and no icons. A dark green, vertical indicator highlights your selection.
  3. Lists: Streamlined background (including headers) with brightened action items.
  4. Primary Button: New green color for consistency.
  5. Invoice Tracker: Purposeful and brighter colors draw the eye to numbers that need attention, while improving visibility of all numbers with a larger font.

New Homepage Dashboard


  1. In-Product Guidance (for new to QBO users only): New guided steps get clients started using QuickBooks easily.
  2. P&L: The new P&L bar chart includes downloaded bank transactions, that convert to solid lines once you review and accept them into QBO.
  3. Sales: Updated chart is now a line graph showing revenue over time.
  4. Activity Feed: Find all your activities now in the audit log under the gear icon in the top bar.
  5. Tips: Learn cool tips and tricks to better use QuickBooks and boost your efficiency.

New Navigation Design

  1. Top Navigation Buttons: All navigation buttons moved to the right. Selected buttons turn green.
  2. Recent transactions: Recent transactions have been combined with the search transactions menu under the magnifying glass.

These moves make way for information and tasks you tend to use more often.

With a focus on organization, the December 2016 improvements also clear the way for additional enhancements in the coming year. These design changes set QBO and its users up for more success in 2017.

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