QuickBooks and Pose – a Match Made in the Cloud

By QuickBooks Canada Team

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Company Overview

Millions of small retailers around the world are struggling to compete. We’ve built an affordable end-to-end POS solution that lets them manage their stores more effectively, sell more, and build a stronger relationship with their customers.

Pose is an affordable, cloud-based point of sale that combines an easy-to-use interface with customer-oriented features. Pose was designed from the ground up to enable retailers to sell more and keep customers coming back.

Pose was founded in 2011 by folks who believed that there had to be a better way to manage a small store. We brought with us a unique blend of skills. Most startups are made up mostly of technologists, but we were an equal mix of techies and product designers, which is why Pose is so easy to use, and so friendly to the retailer. Since then, we launched a GA product in late 2013, and now have customers in 102 countries around the world!

There are three key things that make Pose awesome.

1. It’s the easiest POS to learn and use in the industry

2. It helps the retailer get closer to their customer, thus increasing their sales through our built in CRM and Loyalty management modules

3. It breaks the link between software and hardware – you can run it on a laptop, an iPad, an Android tablet, and a desktop, making it the most flexible system out there

How does Pose work with QBO?

With one click of a button, all transaction and customer data is synchronized between Pose and QBO. We are working on Employee Data and Inventory data integration as well – which would work in the same fashion. Fully integrated, and seamless.

Who is Pose ideal for?

We target small retailers. Folks that have a store, any store, and do not require multi-site management. We work with florists, jewelry stores, tire shops, cellular phone shops, and any other kind of shop you can imagine.

Want to try it? Pose is offering a free 30 day trial of the system. Visit their website for more information.

Don’t forget to check out our add-ons page for the full list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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