Qvinci Brings Order to Chaos!

By QuickBooks Canada Team

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If you’re a fan of quantum physics (and who isn’t?), you know that an electron can effectively be in two places at once. Unlike an electron, you probably can’t. This is a reality faced by people managing businesses with multiple locations, particularly when it comes to reporting on financial data housed in more than one place. You have more than one locations you need to consolidate your financial info every week or month, and that’s a headache.

Enter Qvinci, which offers cloud-based financial consolidation reporting and business intelligence solutions to save the day! In addition to making it much easier to collect and compile data, compare locations’ performance side-by-side, consolidate statements using a Standardized Chart of Accounts, and rank/benchmark against top performers. Have locations outside of Canada? Qvinci manages multiple currencies with ease.

Of course, managing the performance of multiple locations is more than just the financials. Qvonci gives you the ability to easily review and benchmark other data to highlight anomalies, top performers, and other actionable data. You can compare each location line-by-line to identify top 10%, top 20%, and average performers in their ecosystem.

It’ll take about five minutes to set up your Qvinci account, and it integrates with QuickBooks Online cloud bookkeeping software faster than you can make a gin and tonic. Once QBO and Qvinci are linked, file syncing takes place automatically once per day, at 2:00 a.m. You can of course also sync manually at any time with a single click.

Want to try it? Qvinci is offering QBO free reporting for any number of clients as long as each client has no more than two locations. Visit their website for an online demo and other information.

Don’t forget to check out our add-ons page for the full list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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