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Simple Clarity: How to Sell Your Brand in 10 Words or Less

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Webinar: Simple Clarity: How to Sell Your Brand in 10 Words or Less

By: Jeremy Miller

Nothing will accelerate your business more than achieving Simple Clarity. This is the ability to describe your business (or products) and what makes it unique in ten words or less.

When you achieve Simple Clarity it makes your brand easier to remember, easier to refer, and easier to talk about. It gives your brand credibility because you can speak about it with authority. Describing your business and what makes it unique has never been more important. The COVID-19 pandemic has strained organizations to the breaking point. It has forced each of us to rethink and reframe our value propositions so they are relevant right now.

In this webinar, branding expert Jeremy Miller shows you how to cut through the noise, speak directly to your customers’ needs, and win sales. You will learn how to describe your brand in 10 words or less.

Key learning outcomes:

  • How to speak directly to your customers’ needs.
  • How to describe your brand and what makes it unique in 10 words or less.



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