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5 Essential Features of a Winning Chiropractic Website

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Patients in need of chiropractic care typically seek out a doctor in two ways: they ask people they know for recommendations, or they conduct a trusty web search. Either way, a strong chance exists that the patient ends up on a chiropractor’s website before booking the first appointment. Even if the doctor was recommended by a friend, most people do their due diligence and check the doctor out themselves before committing to an appointment. For patients doing web searches, the chiropractor’s website is even more of a deciding factor. This is because patients will visit several chiropractic websites for comparison, and go with the doctor who gives them the best feeling. By ensuring that a few essential website features are in place, chiropractors can turn their websites into customer-grabbing machines.

Doctor’s Credentials

Shopping for a medical provider online is quite different from shopping for, say, a barber online. Indeed, plenty of people are picky about their hair, but most understand that a bad barber isn’t going to inflict serious harm beyond the superficial. By contrast, the idea of an inexperienced doctor cranking their neck in awkward directions freaks people out. This means patients shopping for chiropractors are digging for deeper information than who has the closest location and charges the lowest fees. They want to see credentials: what school, how long in practice, areas of specialization, and so forth. Chiropractors should have this information prominently placed on their websites. The last thing they want is for a potential patient to give up on trying to find it and surf on over to a competitor’s site.

Contact Information

It is shocking how many businesses, chiropractors included, empty their wallets on stunning websites with all the bells and whistles, and then bury their contact information in tiny font at the bottom of the page or, even worse, consign it to an obscure “Contact Us” inner page only accessible via an out-of-the-way menu bar. The entire purpose of a website, if you’re a business, is to provide another way for potential customers to find you. A chiropractor’s office address, phone number, and email address should be so easy to find on every single page of their website that it practically jumps out at people. A good strategy is to place this information directly under the doctor’s name in the heading of every website page.

Patient Testimonials

Patients visit chiropractic websites as a measure of due diligence before booking an appointment. They want to see where the doctor went to school and how long he or she has been in practice. But perhaps even more important, they’re looking for evidence that the doctor has a strong reputation with existing patients. A thorough patient testimonial section works wonders to add social proof to a chiropractic website. It is easy to get a satisfied patient to take five or 10 minutes and write a thoughtful testimonial. If a doctor asks the patient right after a relieving adjustment that eliminates back pain, the patient is unlikely to say no. Video testimonials are even better than written ones. Having someone look directly at the camera and sing the doctor’s praises is powerful.

Social Media Links

Not all patients, even ones who like what they see, book an appointment immediately upon visiting a chiropractor’s website. This doesn’t mean, however, that down the road they won’t be viable customers. One of the most effective ways to start building relationships with such people is through social media. Chiropractors who are serious about relationship building should be using Facebook at the very least, and potentially other lean marketing platforms such as YouTube and Twitter. Placing links to social media fan pages on the doctor’s website leads to followers, and some of those followers might turn into patients.

Email List Opt-In Form

Social media is one example of how to build customer relationships with potential patients and stay in touch with those who visit their website but don’t book appointments. An old-fashioned email list is another excellent method. Despite rapid and unceasing advancements in digital technology and connectivity, the email list never seems to lose its luster as an internet marketing tool. In fact, the world’s top online marketers have a saying that they still use in 2017: “The money is in the list. “An unobtrusive form on the sidebar of a chiropractic website inviting people to sign up with their email to receive updates or daily health tips offers an effective way for a doctor to build an email list. Those who really want to entice people to sign up can offer a free report, such as 15 simple exercises for better posture, that can only be accessed by entering a valid email. Building a website devoted to your chiropractic practice is one aspect of a lean marketing plan that works if you utilize these essential features and make your website easy to navigate.

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