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How to Write an About Us Page That Attracts Customers

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Relationship building with your customers works the same as any other kind of relationship. There’s that exciting and slightly awkward phase when you first meet, you shake hands, exchange names and phone numbers and tell each other about yourselves. The About Us page on your website represents your business during that ever-important first encounter, and if all goes well — meaning, if a potential customer likes what they see — if could be the start of a life-long relationship. So how do you craft an About Us page that shows off your company?

Interesting and engaging content is a great place to start. Whether you post photos, a video, or a short article on your About Us page, your website visitors should be able to gauge how well your company can solve their problem — known as their pain point — because that’s what they want to find out quickly. You might start by showing, talking about, or writing about what makes your company qualified experts in your field. Think about your backstory, why you’re in business, your mission, and things that might make customers choose you over your competition.

Consider your target market when crafting your About Us page. The words, tone, and a writing style you use has the power to make your target market take action. If you sell business products to middle-age professionals, for example, the voice and tone of your About Us page should be different from that of an About Us of a company selling recreational services to laid-back millennials. If you include photos, try to use images of your actual staff and business location instead of stock photos. Potential customers want to see the real faces and places behind your business.

Being true to your company’s voice can help you craft an amazing About Us page. Share what makes your company unique in a way that’s interesting to help visitors make buying decisions and become loyal customers.

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