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Boost Exposure with Content Marketing Campaigns

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Enhance your non-profit marketing campaigns with content that puts the spotlight on your mission. Good content spreads your message organically and gets people excited about your organization.

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating material relevant to your non-profit mission, such as blogs, social media posts, and newsletter articles, and using it to attract and engage your organization’s audience so that they want to read it to learn more. Content marketing’s ultimate objective comes down to encouraging donations to your [organization ][1]or sharing information about your non-profit, but good content doesn’t use a hard sell. Instead, good non-profit content takes an informative or storytelling approach, providing readers with something of value. When used as part of an overall non-profit marketing strategy, content marketing can help you create an effective online presence for your organization.

Starting a Non-Profit Content Marketing Campaign

Building a non-profit content marketing campaign starts with determining your goals for the content. Do you want to boost awareness about a specific issue? Do you wish readers to take action on a specific thing, such as signing a petition or making a donation? Each piece of content should fit into your overall mission while also serving a specific purpose unique to that particular piece. Determine the overriding purpose of your blog, website, newsletter, or social media page and then craft content that fits into that mission.

Finding writers who can produce effective content for your non-profit marketing campaign can sometimes prove challenging. Hiring a writer or agency to handle content production keeps everything consistent, but may not be within a non-profit budget. When short on funds, tap the talents of your organization’s volunteers for ideas and content contributions, or ask for contributions from organization members. Testimonials and stories from people your non-profit helps can also flesh out your content and give readers a different perspective on what you do. Creating a basic style guide helps writers maintain a consistent voice throughout all your content when you gather it from multiple sources.

What to Include in Non-profit Content Marketing Campaigns

When considering content creation for your non-profit, factor in the sharability of the piece in question. If you wish to boost awareness and spread your message, you need to create content readers want to share with others. Popular types of posts include interviews with prominent philanthropists or researchers in your organization’s area of interest, heartwarming stories of people your non-profit has helped, article series documenting specific projects from start to finish, and in-depth information about specific issues your organization addresses. Including visuals in your content makes reading and sharing more likely, so be sure to add relevant photos or graphics. Search engines tend to prioritize new and updated content, so maintain a posting schedule and refresh your content frequently to get more search referrals.

Developing an effective content marketing strategy for your non-profit gives you one more way to reach out to potential volunteers, donors, and community members, making content creation and promotion an important part of your overall outreach.

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