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How Will Etsy Studio and Etsy Shop Manager Affect My Shop?

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In April 2017, Etsy will launch Etsy Studio, a marketplace for craft supplies, and Shop Manager, a dashboard to make selling easier. What this means is that Etsy will powerhouse the entire craft process from inspiration and teaching to buying supplies and selling handmade goods.

What Is Etsy Studio?

Etsy already sells craft supplies, but prior to Etsy Studio, it was not a dedicated area of focus for the business. Etsy Studio is linking inspiration to specific supplies, and making the process of buying supplies easier for shoppers. Etsy announced that it will feature original do-it-yourself projects and craft tutorials along with the supplies required to create them. Etsy Studio won’t be set up so that you and other shop owners can create and post your own tutorials to market your products. Instead, Etsy will post a variety of DIY content according to a broad range of supplies and trends. In the Etsy forum, the company’s representatives said, “We know our sellers are already creating this amazing content and we are looking at various options to capture this inspiration and make it shoppable,” which implies this could be a future feature. Etsy is investing in paid advertising and marketing campaigns to help drive buyers to your shop. It will also implement a better filtering and categorization system to make it easier for craftspeople to find the supplies they need.

What Is Etsy Shop Manager?

In tandem with Etsy Studio, Etsy will also launch a new dashboard that will let you view important information and analytics to help you check in on how you’re doing today compared to the past. The new dashboard lets sellers easily view open orders, active listings, and unread conversations in one spot; you previously had to click between menus to access this information. You’ll be able to see how many views your shop gets, how many people made it a favourite, how many orders you’ve filled, and revenue, and it allows you to compare today’s stats to last year, all in one dashboard. Etsy has already launched a custom website builder called Pattern. Pattern lets you create a mobile-friendly website with payment processing, custom domains, unlimited listings, and data to access website stats. The new dashboard with Etsy Shop Manager will allow you to manage your Etsy shop and Pattern site in the same place.

What Does This Mean for Me?

If you already sell supplies, Etsy will automatically convert your listings on Etsy Studio with no additional work for you and no additional transaction fees, and nothing about your workflow will change. This move might also mean that if you’re in the business of selling craft supplies but don’t sell on Etsy, it might be a good time to start selling online. The changes driving Etsy are trends you could apply to your own small business, even if you don’t have an Etsy shop. Look at ways to make your website mobile-friendly, for example. Use online advertising more effectively. Create educational content such as how-to articles and video tutorials that people can share on social media. Borrow Etsy’s strategies to help drive traffic and sales for your business.

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