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How to Start a Podcast

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Are you looking for ways to bring extra attention to your small business? Here’s an unexpected idea — Start a podcast. With each audio episode, you get to delve deep into a specific subject, establishing yourself as an industry expert and building confidence in your services.

So what will you say in your podcast? That decision as actually your first step in starting a podcast. To come up with enough content for regular episodes, brainstorm a list of topics If you’re stuck, check out other podcasts on iTunes for inspiration. Planning six months to a year ahead to set yourself up for success.

All you need to record a podcast is a microphone and your computer. A USB mic is often the easiest option for beginners, because it plugs directly into your computer for fast recording. Popular microphone models for podcasting include the Blue Yeti and the Shure MV5.

Once you have a microphone, you need a software program to record and save the audio. Audacity is a widely used option — and it’s free. You can also use Audacity to edit each podcast and save it in a common format, such as MP3 or WAV.

The final step in making an individual podcast episode? Design your cover art. While technically there’s no "cover" to a podcast, this refers to the small images that show up when you search for podcasts in iTunes or Stitcher. Tools such as Photoshop, Canva, or GIMP make it easy to create custom images for your podcast.

Finally, upload your podcast to a hosting website. Check out SoundCloud, Libsyn, or PodBean as candidates. This process stores your files in the cloud, where they are easy to access. Submit your episodes to a popular directory such as iTunes, Stitcher, or Zune to maximize visibility and make it easy for listeners to find your podcast.

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