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Keep Your Content Creative

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If you’re bored of creating the same type of content for your website or blog, your readers are probably bored too. Avoid getting stuck in a content-creation rut and losing valuable website traffic by exploring ways to keep your content creative. Sometimes it’s more interesting to show than tell. Already common in the health care industry, infographics incorporate eye-catching visual images and color schemes with minimal text to convey facts, tell a story, or teach people how to do something. You can create your own infographics online with free graphic design tools, such as Canva or Piktochart, or share interesting infographics created by others with your audience. Sharing your personal story, which helps your readers get to know you better, is a great way to keep content creative and fresh. Also, consider taking a stand and occasionally writing blog posts about strong opinions you hold on important matters. Having strong opinions make you more relatable to your readers. Plenty of people within and beyond your industry share engaging and unique content online. Look to interesting thought leaders for blog ideas. While you shouldn’t copy other people’s content, it’s perfectly fine – and even advisable – to create your own spin on an engaging topic someone else puts forth. The audience you build with your content is the key to your success. Invest as much time in finding sources of creative inspiration as you do creating engaging content.

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