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Build Credibility With a Meet the Team Page

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A great company website can make or break your business. It introduces your organization, products and service to a worldwide audience of prospective clients. Put a friendly face on your business by creating a "Meet the Team" page instead of a formulaic "About Us" page.

Your "Meet the Team" page showcases exactly why your company is qualified to meet the needs of potential customers. Introduce your team by posting a photo of each team member. Also create a bio that lists their experience, education and skills. This helps build trust and credibility. Sometimes just seeing real human faces is all it takes to make a connection with a potential client, especially when those faces are backed by evidence of your team’s competence and unique talents.

A "Meet the Team" page gives your business some personality and helps visitors feel more connected to your organization. Consumers know they have options, and they like to know who they’re supporting when they pay for a product or service. It also shows your employees are willing to attach their face and name to the company. This creates a favorable impression of your business. People want to support companies that treat their employees well. Unhappy employees don’t choose to be featured on the company website.

Your online presence says a lot about your company culture, so go above and beyond when it comes to creating content for your website. There’s a lot of competition out there. Stand out from the crowd by going the extra mile to create an engaging "Meet the Team" page for your business.

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