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3 “Must-haves” for Your Small Business Website

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For small businesses to be successful in 2016, a well-built website is the new standard. Even if your company has one or more brick-and-mortar stores, the modern technologically based world virtually necessitates a website that customers can readily access. Your company’s website will often be a consumer’s first exposure to you and your brand. To make a good impression, there are three essential elements your company’s website must have.

User-Friendly Design

Making your website user-friendly is arguably the most important element of any business website. It is generally a good idea to resist the temptation to go overboard with graphics, pictures, or flashy designs, even for creative or artistic companies. When setting up your company’s website, keep one word in mind: simplicity. Stick with complementary colors from the same or similar hue families, and choose one or two easy-to-read classic fonts. When picking a URL for your site, make it simple and easy for users to remember, such as the name of your company.

User-friendliness also means your website loads quickly, can be viewed from multiple devices and is easy to navigate. More than 60% of shoppers use multiple gadgets, such as computers, tablets and smartphones, to access small business websites. Make sure the design translates easily from one device to another, and that loading and transition between pages happens quickly. One of the quickest ways to deter prospective customers is to have a website that is slow to load and difficult to navigate.

Clear Contact and Action Information

Every page on your company’s website, not just the home page, should have a call to action, which is a clear expression of what you want potential customers to do. When a consumer uses an online search engine to find a pet groomer, for example, the exact search terms could take him or her to any one of the pages on your site. Let potential clients know if you want them to call you for more information on your services or to set up an appointment. If calling is the best or only way to reach your business, make the company’s phone number clearly visible on every page. The same goes for address and email contact information. The bottom line is this: Make sure the consumer knows what to do to interact with you and obtain your product or service, and provide the information to do so.

Solid Security

Your small business’ website needs to have solid security, such as a very good firewall, to handle traffic and ensure protection from anything that might slow down functionality. Additional security is necessary if your company sells goods from the website. Make every effort to secure your website with an SSL certificate, which encrypts communications between you and your customers, and information such as credit card and shipping information. Reassure customers that their identity information is safe. Website security also protects your business from financial theft. Verisign and GeoTrust are two reliable security options to consider.

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