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Use These Tips to Maximize Your Email Subscribers

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A popular e-commerce refrain is that the money is in the list. The list, of course, refers to email marketing lists — collections of email addresses of people who’ve expressed interest in receiving information from your business. The more email subscribers you have, the bigger your captive audience when your business rolls out a new product, service, or promotion.

By implementing a few email marketing strategies, you can get more email subscribers by enticing people to sign up and to share your emails with others.

Use Opt-In Scripts

An opt-in script prompts website visitors to enter their email to receive more information or special promotions from your company. Place these prominently on each page of your website so your visitors eyes are naturally drawn to them.

While some businesses choose to make their opt-in script a pop-up that overlays the main site, others feel this is too intrusive and turns customers off. You can experiment with both strategies and measure which provides a better opt-in rate.

You can also choose between a single or double opt-in script. With a single opt-in, the visitor is added to your list as soon as they enter an email address. A double opt-in requires them to respond to an initial email and confirm they want to be added before they’re placed on the list. A single opt-in results in a bigger list, while a double opt-in results in a more focused list of engaged buyers.

Make It Simple

The opt-in process should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Place the opt-in box in an easy-to-find location on your website, and offer clear instructions on how the visitor can sign up and why it benefits them.

For example, a box across the top of your website proclaiming, “Enter your email to receive weekly specials for subscribers only!”, followed by a box for users to type their email address and a button to submit, entices visitors to sign up and makes it easy to do so.

Offer an Immediate Incentive

Boost your opt-in rate by offering an immediate incentive for visitors to sign up for your list. For example, if your website sells nutritional supplements, come up with a free report about the best new supplements on the market and offer it as an immediate download to anyone who enters their email. If the free gift is compelling enough, plenty of visitors will sign up just to get their hands on it.

Encourage Subscribers to Share

Sometimes getting referral business is as simple as asking for it. Customers, even highly satisfied ones, often don’t think to mention your business to friends and associates. An email remainder, something to the effect of, “If you like our weekly deals, please feel free to share this email with friends,” might be all the prompting someone needs to spread the word.

You can really ramp up your referral business by offering tangible incentives for people to bring their friends on board. For example, give them a certain dollar amount off their next purchase for each person they refer who buys from you.

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