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Using Your Small Business Blog to Build Customer Relationships

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Your small business blog is a useful channel for engaging customers and winning their loyalty. Provide blog postings on subjects that demonstrate your company’s concern for customer satisfaction and invite comments. Your responses to the comments can prove your business is listening to its clients with a willingness to accommodate their concerns.

Building Customer Relationships With Your Company Blog

Effective use of your company blog goes beyond informing customers about your current sale or promotional campaign. Think of your blog as a two-way communication medium rather than an electronic billboard for making announcements. Write blog postings that invite responses from your customers and establish a rapport with them. An interesting exchange of ideas can motivate readers to appear at your establishment to meet their new, online friends. Consider these 50 topics for business blog articles that can draw comments from your readers. Ongoing dialogue with customers helps establish stronger relationships.

Use Your Company Blog to Attract a Following

When your company blog attracts a base of regular readers, visitors to your site may perceive your business as the hub of an online community. Once it becomes apparent that your business blog has attracted a loyal following, new website visitors might feel more comfortable about joining your online family. Reinforce that sense of community with postings that profile individual employees and their personal interests. Some readers might view your employees as kindred spirits if they share a common hobby or concern.

Postings that demonstrate your company’s involvement with charitable causes can strengthen the bond with customers who support the same or similar charities. A blog post offering a behind-the-scenes look at your business can elicit empathy from customers as they learn about the efforts made by your team members to do their best toward client satisfaction. As a result, your online community members may experience a reinforced sense of loyalty to your company.

Use Social Media to Attract Readers to Your Company Website

Take advantage of opportunities to use social media to attract readers to your small business blog. Provide links to particular postings from your blog, which might relate to discussions on Twitter or Facebook. Social media can be a tremendous resource for expanding your company’s online community. Write enticing statements that lure people to your blog with a link. Social media can provide you with the opportunity to establish your website as an authoritative resource. You stand out in the crowd with an inspirational statement, which draws readers to your company’s website

Maintain Customer Loyalty by Avoiding Controversy

While many show business personalities might insist there is no such thing as bad publicity because all publicity is beneficial, small businesses are not immune to bad publicity. Do not allow your company blog to become a source of negative publicity by posting controversial material. Avoid using your small business blog to discuss subjects that, although interesting to you, could be offensive to a significant number of people. For example, a posting about politics or social issues could cause you to lose some customers, even if you do not take a side.

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