Workpapers Release Notes

September 23, 2020

Workpapers workspace settings update


Using Workpapers just got better with the update we just made to our workspace settings. Your preferences are now automatically saved when working with Workpapers. The tab you were on and the account or folder you expanded or collapsed will now all be automatically saved within your workspace. There is no more starting each reload from scratch – we remember it all to help you save time.


June 18, 2020




Download to Zip enhancement: The Download to Zip feature allowed accountants to download supporting documents into one zip file. This release includes the documents under the general section.

Ability to Run Reports faster: Added Run Report button as a dropdown for Grouping & Statements as well in Review & Adjust.



Opening Balance Data Import: The Chart of Accounts is a tool to automatically create new accounts in QBO, but the import lacked a mechanism to provide an opening balance for those accounts. Today, we’ve launch a new importation feature in the Import Data area to allow for all balance sheet items to attach an opening balance.

HandiLedger Export: This is Australia specific feature for exporting certain documents specific to Australian region. This is behind feature flag and will be turned off for this release.

Journal Entry Data Import: Users can now use the Import Data area in QBO to import their journal entries. Accountants and bookkeepers use these transactions to frequently move funds from account-to-account or creating initial balances, however up to now have not been able to import from competing products or Excel.


Bug Fixes


Zip export format fix

Document manager FTU bug fix

Doc manager table bug fix


Security Update

Upgrade a service dependency to mitigate a security vulnerability


June 2, 2020


Document Manager


With the Workpapers’ Documents Manager feature, you have one place to attach, collect, and organize all documents associated with your client. No need to transfer files between computers, drives or Dropbox, access everything, in the cloud, in one location. Learn more


February 5, 2020




Workpapers’ Lock feature allows you to lock the year-end data so no unexpected changes can be made as you review and adjust your client’s financial statements.

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Download to Zip:


With the Workpapers’ Download to Zip feature, one click will allow you to download all associated attachments, notes, reports, PDFs, tax mapping, and links associated with your client’s file.

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November 4, 2019


Groupings & Statements

The financial grouping feature allows the user to take individual accounts and group them together for the purposes of creating simplified financial statements based on those groupings.


It also allows users to attach supporting documentation to these groups, add reference codes (mapping necessary for compliance purposes – i.e. Leadsheets), and has a direct link to export as an excel doc and/or PDF report.


  • These simplified financial statements are better than the current situation as Balance Statement and Profit & Loss reports include all the accounts – for some clients, this could represent hundreds of accounts, which is too detailed for simplified financial statement purposes.


We’re quickly building an all-in-one spot to print out the necessary report required for CA Accountant Compilation Reports.

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