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How to Create an Effective Welcome Email for New Subscribers

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You already have a strategy in place to grow your company’s email list. But what do you do once you land a few subscribers? The answer is simple, send a welcome email. The open rates for welcome emails are 86 percent higher than other emails, so it’s a lot more important than many people think. The good news is, creating an effective welcome email that connects with your new subscribers is simple.

Give Them Their Freebie

Did you offer an enticing incentive, such as a short ebook, a checklist, or an infographic, to people who join your email list? If so, the first thing you should do is follow through with your promise. Ideally, you should try to avoid sending your freebie in the form of an email attachment because people may be leery of downloading it — after all, they don’t know you yet. Instead, use a cloud-based storage service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to store the freebie you created and send them a link to the download.

Introduce Yourself

A welcome email introduces you to your audience. Sure, the people who opt-in to your list may follow you on social media and they might have visited your website a few times, but those platforms only show them a portion of who you really are. So instead of writing a bland "thanks for subscribing" email, use your welcome email as a way to introduce yourself to your audience on a more personal level. Consider creating an email that lists 10 or so things you’re obsessed with or a few things that totally gross you out. You could also share a little bit about your personal life or give them a behind-the-scenes look at your work day. Whatever you choose to do, opt for something that people on your email list can’t read elsewhere.

Tell Your Audience What to Expect

Are you someone who sends multiple emails to your list a week or do you send a monthly email newsletter? Whatever your normal process, let your readers know about it in your welcome email. When it comes to receiving emails, people have a wide range of preferences, so consider giving your readers an option to receive a few emails per week, a weekly roundup, or a monthly newsletter. Chances are, they’ll be much more receptive to your correspondence if they get it on their terms.

Direct Them to More Content

People who subscribe to your email list may want to follow you on their favourite social media sites as well. Make the process simple for them, and include links to your social media pages in your welcome email so your fans can find you quickly.

If you blog regularly, consider including links to a few posts that may interest the people who signed up for specific freebie offers. For example, if you have a household-related blog and someone signed up for your email list through an offer that gave them access to a list of ways to cut household expenses, you might include links to blog posts about saving money on cleaning products or slashing their monthly grocery bill.

Because you can count on many people opening your welcome email, it’s important to focus on content that can keep your new customer engaged and start to develop loyalty. Providing value through special offers or more intriguing content helps customers realize that your company brings something positive to their lives.

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