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How to Write a Customer Appreciation Letter

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As a new small business owner, sending letters of appreciation can be an effective way to gain repeat business and build your brand. Follow these tips to write simple appreciation letters:

  • Personalize your letter by addressing your customers by their first names, such as “Dear Anne” or “Dear George.”
  • Get right to the point by saying thank you; for example, “Thank you for visiting our store,” or “Thank you for purchasing (name the item).”
  • Alternatively, thank your customers for their patronage over a long period of time: “Thank you for your patronage this year.”
  • End the letter by extending thanks from your entire staff: “On behalf of everyone at (name your company), we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon.”
  • Sign off with your first name (“Sincerely, John”), which further personalizes the correspondence.

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